Mentor Organisations

Students participated in ShadowTech 2017

Region Students
Auckland 151
Christchurch 93
Dunedin 39
Hamilton 38
Palmerston North 28
Rotorua 17
Wellington 117
Total 483
It opened my eyes to all of the amazing job opportunities. I could pursue and showed me all the stereotypes about the tech industry aren’t true.”

Auckland Student

After ShadowTech I am definitely more interested in a career in tech, as I found it extremely fun and new.”

Christchurch Student

ShadowTech was amazing, it was such a great learning experience that I would recommend to anyone even slightly interested in technology.”

Dunedin Student

The experience was very valuable, and gave me an insight into how technology is actually used in the workplace. It can be hard to see sometimes at school how what we learn about technology will be relevant, but it was clear that design skills, problem solving, html/xml and an understanding of programming can definitely be utilised.”

Palmerston North Student

The earlier we educate girls about what is available and possible, the more we can inspire them to follow their passion.”

ShadowTech Mentor

Speaking about my journey in technology provided me with a chance to reflect on my career highlights, look at where I had come from and how much I have achieved so far

ShadowTech Mentor

Unfortunately not a surprise but again, the girls have only been taught about programming as an IT job. We showed them the diversity and it was lovely to see them open up when we did.”

ShadowTech Mentor

I was surprised by how much value that the students received from being a fly on the wall in a business meeting. We have so many meetings that we often don’t stop and take the time to ensure that each meeting is adding value.”

ShadowTech Mentor

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Thank you to the 2017 Tertiary Partners

A big thanks to the mentors who participated in ShadowTech Day 2017